Thursday, June 29, 2017

Joe Scarborough Calls President Trump ‘Greatest Liar That’s Ever Sat In The White House’ (VIDEO)

A Major League Baseball umpire pulls a woman back from the brink on a bridge over the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh.

Ireland: Judge Agrees to Give 'One Last Chance' to Convicted Sex Offender With 34 Prior Convictions

Lena Dunham Uses New Image on Twitter: Health and Fitness Icon Takes on Look of Her Oppressors- White Males

Lena Dunham has a new look on her Twitter page. The health and fitness icon is taking on look of her oppressors- looking like a white male. Is the recent tweet down below truth or fiction, from the big time Democrat party donor? Did the beautiful Lena Dunham confuse the word "fondly" with "fondling" in her world of fiction?

Law-Abiding Citizens Have More Than 600 Million Firearms in America

Bearing Arms

The Trump administration on Wednesday set new criteria for visa applicants from six mainly Muslim nations

In 1938, the NY Times said 1,000 years of data are needed to distinguish global warming from natural cycles.

Republicans scramble to revise health bill in 48 hours

BLS: Women working full-time worked 7.8 hrs per day in 2016 v. 8.4 hrs for men = a 7% "gender work gap"

Migrant chaos on the Costas: Spain's holiday beaches are the new backdoor to Europe. The result? Tragic drownings and police overwhelmed amid fears ISIS may be smuggling in terrorists

The Daily Mail

Republican lawmakers pressure GOP leaders to drop tax cuts in healthcare bill

Republicans for high taxes ... in the news.

The Washington Examiner

Illinois Lottery stops selling Powerball tickets after lawmakers fail to cut deal

The Chicago Tribune reports:
Cash-strapped Illinois has begun turning off one of its most lucrative cash spigots as a casualty of an unprecedented budget stalemate.

As of 9 p.m. Wednesday, the Illinois Lottery stopped selling Powerball tickets, and by 9:45 p.m. Friday it will stop selling Mega Millions tickets — unless and until lawmakers and the governor cut a deal to at least let the lottery pay out prizes for those games from cash it collects.

Illinois' annual profit from Powerball and Mega Millions is historically about $90 million.

The current legislation expires midnight Friday, and without further legislative action, Illinois will be forced out of the multi-state games, at least for now. And depending on how long it takes the lottery to regain authority to pay those prizes, it could be harder to start reselling those tickets, officials said.
The great moments of Blue America.

MSNBC Contributor: Hillary Lost the Election in Part Because Obama is Black (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit

ICE Director Supports Allowing Victims of Criminal Aliens to Sue Sanctuary City Officials

CNS News

Obama-appointed judges dismiss Supreme Court ruling, continue blocking Trump’s immigration crackdown

The Washington Times reports:
President Trump may have won a partial victory at the Supreme Court this week, but other federal judges remain major stumbling blocks to his aggressive immigration plans, with courts from California to Michigan and Atlanta limiting his crackdown on sanctuary cities and stopping him from deporting illegal immigrants he has targeted for removal.

The judges in those deportation cases have rejected Mr. Trump’s argument that he has wide latitude to decide who gets kicked out, without having to worry about district courts second-guessing him on facts of the case.

Instead, the judges said, they get to decide their jurisdiction, and that extends to reviewing Mr. Trump’s immigration policy.
Obama's judges/legislators in the news.

Skepticism on economists has soared under Trump, but he needs their help, Greg Ip writes

That Ken Burns documentary on WW2 is only 14 hours, where the actual event took almost 4 years! Deceptive editing much, Ken?

Iowahawk mocks liberal establishment who attack James O'Keefe.

Oakland Bakery Installs Mural Honoring Convicted Terrorist Who Blew Up Store, Killed Two People

Rhode Island Discovers 150,000 Voters Erroneously On Rolls

CNN interviewed Seasame Street's Elmo about 'wonderful' trip to refugee camp. This is the real story. This is what journalism has come to.

Rush Limbaugh: “The Trump White House Owns CNN Now” [AUDIO]

"Everyday Women's & Gender Studies." 2017 college textbook just out from Routledge

For people not good enough to major in a real subject of value....

Map: The largest company in every state

Inside the NAACP’s fight to stop Betsy DeVos from expanding charter schools

HuffPost reports on those who want less choice!

NC Law Allowing Gov. Officials To Refuse To Perform Gay Marriages Wins In Fed Court

Sweden often gets held up as an example of how socialism can work better than markets. Is that the case?

Top Twitter story is vj video and it's attacked as "selectively edited." ALL TV journalism is edited, selectively-We include what they omit!

Buffett renews attack on health bill as`Relief for Rich Act'

Noted rent-seeker and all around large scale welfare recipient , Warren Buffett ,promotes the Welfare State: which hasn't hurt his pocketbook.

New Jersey School District Partners With LGBT Advocacy Group to Impose Transgender Policy

Passengers carrying the Koran, or perhaps any Arabic title, could be singled out for additional screening

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To view yesterday's posts or earlier posts, click on Older Posts below this entry, right below the line on the right hand side.

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