Friday, September 22, 2017

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Liberty

Trump rips NFL anthem kneelers: "Tell that son of a bitch he's fired"

Honest John McCain Shows HIs Support For ObamaCare

Mainstream polls use 29% more Democrats than Republicans

Sen. John McCain Backed Into a Corner. He Refuses to Tell Authorities Where He Got 9 Million Dollars From…

Nevo News

Jimmy Kimmel Really Is a Democrat Party Operative With A TV Show

The Daily Beast

Joining a fraternity lowered GPA by 0.25 points but boosted future income by 36%

We’ve reached peak degeneracy.

Ten Things Political Scientists Know That You Don't (with Hans Noel)

Pence: Senate's close to passing Graham-Cassidy as we speak

DeVos rescinds Obama-era school sexual assault policy

The Hill

Law School Prof Wants to Remove Trump for Incompetence

Right to work isn’t theft

Four MLB teams announce plans for more safety netting after young girl’s injury

Feminist group admits 'pay gap' is caused by women's choices

Justice Scalia : States Rights Went Into Decline Because of the 17th Amendment

Maxine Waters: ‘Black People, You Better Get Controversial,’ Play the ‘Race Card’


HuffPost columnist: Netherlands pushing “a moral duty to abort” Down Syndrome babies

Hot Air

Sad taxi medallion owners hurting, but put faith in state's monopoly power that hurt consumers and that tech eroded

Ipsos Poll Reveals Global Unpopularity of Immigration

Rand Paul responds to Trump: "I won't be bribed or bullied" into supporting Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill

"Some charity hospitals avoid the tax man while ignoring the needy"

Mike Madigan is trying to kill off Preckwinkle's pop tax, sources tell Crain's

Antonin Scalia - The Role of International Law

Electing a new people: The foreign-born population has voted Democrat in every presidential election since 1992

Morning Joe Panel Asks, What’s Wrong With The Democratic Party

Pelosi on Whether Single-Payer Push is a Mistake: 'Everything Has to be on the Table'

Saying Bad Words Is Worse Than Warmongering, With Guest Dave Smith

Stossel: Tour Guides Under Attack

Sonia Sotomayor still waiting to hear from half her family in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria hit

The Washington Examiner

California Law Enforcement Groups Say Sanctuary Law Makes Communities Less Safe. Top sheriff: We can't call ICE on three-time drunk-drivers or MS-13 gang members.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:
Sheriffs on the frontlines of immigration debate in California are warning that the sanctuary state law the legislature passed over the weekend ties law enforcement's hands too tightly and is only inviting more tragedy when it comes to illegal immigrants who have repeatedly committed serious crimes.

"It's a hazardous law for Californians and people sworn to protect and serve Californians and we would like to see it changed," Bill Brown, the sheriff for Santa Barbara County who serves as president of the California State Sheriffs Association, told the Washington Free Beacon.

"I hope next year we can be catalysts for some type of legislative fix," he added, giving credit to Gov. Jerry Brown for late modifications to the bill in response to law enforcement concern.
An article , well worth your time.

Revenge porn site leaves trail of innocent victims

The New York Post

Pelosi, Feinstein facing challengers amid protests from their left

The San Francisco Chronicle

The Graham-Cassidy bill is actually more far-reaching than any Affordable Care Act repeal effort

David Axelrod shares emotional confession revealing he cried after Obamacare passed

Ric Flair Reveals Severity of Alcoholism, '20 Drinks a Day' While Wrestling

"Dear media: Stop treating Jimmy Kimmel as if he's some nonpartisan expert on healthcare"

Networks Could Lose $200 Million if NFL Ratings Slide Continues

Kimmel calls Louisiana senator 'inbred' during latest health care monologue

Fox News

New Political Poll Shows Just How Unreliable Polling Can Be

The Daily Wire

Tucker Carlson vs Rob Reiner 9/21/17

Uber loses its license to operate in London

Jimmy Kimmel continues his healthcare crusade against the Graham-Cassidy bill

A Trump DACA cave would be *worse* than Bush's read-my-lips flip. "Tax hikes are...reversible... citizenship is not"

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To view yesterday's posts or earlier posts, click on Older Posts below this entry, right below the line on the right hand side.
To view yesterday's posts or earlier posts, click on Older Posts below this entry, right below the line on the right hand side.