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TB Spiked 500 Percent In Twin Falls During 2012, As Chobani Yogurt Opened Plant

Big Government reports:
The number of active TB cases in the eight county Idaho public health district that includes Twin Falls jumped 500 percent between 2011 and 2012.

One case of active TB was diagnosed in the South Central Public Health District that includes Twin Falls in 2011, and six active TB cases were diagnosed there in 2012, the year Chobani opened the world’s largest yogurt factory in the small southern Idaho city with the help of $54 million in federal, state, and local financial assistance.

That same year, 2012, the percentage of active TB cases in Idaho that were foreign-born spiked to 80 percent, or 12 out of 15, up from 50 percent in 2011, or 6 out of 12. As Breitbart News reported previously, the percentage of active TB cases in the country that are foreign-born is 66 percent.
Don't you be a science denier.

Will You Begin to Look Like Lena Dunham(Democrat For ObamaCare) If You Stay on ObamaCare?

Will you begin to look like Lena Dunham if you stay on ObamaCare which was promoted by ObamaCare supporter Lena Dunham?

She's Not Lena Dunham: Charlotte McKinney Shows Why You Wouldn't Confuse Her With Buffet Table Expert Lena Dunham

The Daily Caller

Ann Coulter: A Clinton victory would be the end of the GOP

ABC: Obama broke promise to ISIS victim Kayla Mueller's parents to make donation to her foundation

76-Year-Old Veteran Kills Himself In VA Parking Lot After Being Denied Treatment


California Aims Retirement Plan at Those Whose Jobs Offer None

The New York Times reports:
California is preparing to create a mandatory state-run retirement plan for an estimated six million workers at companies that do not now offer any retirement benefits.

The move could make California the first state to require companies to take part in such a system. Colorado was considering the idea but decided against it in May, and New Jersey and Washington have opted instead for programs with very limited state involvement. But Connecticut, Oregon, Maryland and Illinois are moving forward with their own state-run retirement programs and are looking to California as an example.

Currently, California’s plan would require all companies in that state with five or more employees to take part in what is being called the Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program. The biggest companies will start first, and the smallest companies will have three years to get ready.

Money is not expected to start flowing into the first Secure Choice accounts until sometime in 2017.

The companies will not be required to contribute their own money to the program, only to enroll their workers. Nor does the measure make state taxpayers directly liable. But the financial services industry is questioning whether the program will be financially viable — and what will happen if it is not.
There's more:
On Thursday, the United States Department of Labor issued a final safe-harbor rule, making it possible for California to run its program without conforming with the federal employee benefits law, known as Erisa, that now covers all nongovernment workers in California and the other 49 states. The Secure Choice program may still be subject to regulation by the Securities and Exchange Commission, however, raising thorny constitutional issues.

The Investment Company Institute, which represents the mutual fund industry, said the new safe-harbor rule seemed to pose a double standard, because the fiduciary standards for company retirement plans were recently tightened, and state-led plans like Secure Choice were exempt.

In a statement, the institute said the Labor Department “plans to turn a blind eye on the track record of mismanagement and abuse in state-run programs, whether public employee pension plans or municipal securities disclosure.”
California can't run CALPERs very well but they want to branch out without SEC regulation!!!

Canadian Healthcare system tragically separates couple married 62 years

The New York Post

Skull and Bones Member Dana Milbank Attacks Breitbart's Stephen Bannon

Dana Milbank

Democrats’ Weak Bench Undermines Hope of Taking Back Senate

The New York Times reports:
Senate Democrats, aware of the dead weight that Donald J. Trump has placed on their vulnerable Republican colleagues, can taste a reclaimed majority.

But just as Senate Republicans blew their chances in 2010 and 2012 before finally taking control in 2014, Democrats find themselves hobbled by less-than-stellar candidates in races that could make the difference in winning a majority.

In Pennsylvania, Katie McGinty, a relatively unknown former federal official who has never held elective office, is ahead in polls but lags Hillary Clinton’s large lead in the state. In Florida, a nasty primary between two flawed candidates could harm the Democrats’ chance to unseat Senator Marco Rubio.

Several high-profile Democrats turned down the chance to challenge Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina before they settled on a civil liberties lawyer, Deborah Ross, who is not necessarily a good fit for suburban voters there. Catherine Cortez Masto, a Democrat and former state attorney general now running for an open seat in Nevada, has also failed to catch fire.

To challenge 82-year-old Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, Democrats settled on 72-year-old Patty Judge. Senator Rob Portman’s Democratic challenger in Ohio, former Gov. Ted Strickland, is 75, an easy target for Mr. Portman’s taunting nickname, “Retread Ted.”

The Democrats’ problem stems from a depletion of their ranks in state legislatures and governors’ mansions over recent years and a lack of institutional support for grass-roots-level politicians who represent a changing base.
Depletion in the ranks.

America’s Fastest-Growing Restaurant Is On a Roll


"Things Are Worse" - Dollar Stores' Startling Admission: Half Of US Consumers Are In Dire Straits


Here’s a list of media companies who have donated to the Clinton Foundation slush fund

The Duran

The head of Germany’s largest bank says negative rates are ‘fatal’


Dem senator: Clinton may command 'majority of the Republican caucus'

The Hill reports:
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) says he thinks a lot of Republicans in the Senate are supporting Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“From a Senate perspective, in a secret ballot, Hillary gets a lot of votes out of the Republican caucus. Potentially she even commands a majority of the Republican caucus in a secret ballot because people really do respect her,” Whitehouse told Buzzfeed News.

The Rhode Island senator recalled getting a briefing from the Democratic nominee on a highly classified matter in the basement of the Capitol, where "a bunch of Republican senators were sitting in front of me."
No surprise there.

Burden of health-care costs moves to the middle class

The Donald bites back: Trump rails against Hillary's 'steady stream of bigotry' attack in series of tweets accusing her of cozying up to a former KKK member and slams the 'racist undertones' of her 2008 campaign

The Daily Mail

Clinton faces big challenges in state Obama won twice

CNN reports:
Donald Trump continues to trail in key swing states, but that has not been the case in Nevada, a state that helped him clinch the Republican nomination.

Hillary Clinton arrives Thursday to campaign in this battleground state that Barack Obama easily carried twice as both public and internal campaign polls show a dead heat here.

Trump's resilience in Nevada is surprising considering Clinton's many advantages here: her access to the strong organizational muscle of labor, a growing Latino population that has chafed at Trump's tone on immigration, and Obama's successes, which laid the groundwork for her run.
There's more:
A recent Suffolk University poll showing Clinton up 44% to 42% in Nevada suggests some geographic hurdles for Clinton, which is why her surrogates -- including Tim Kaine and Bill Clinton -- have been so visible here.
Imagine that.

Ithaca students want profs to teach diversity in every class

Campus Reform

Apple tackles iPhone one-tap spyware flaws


Trump's black support explodes in biggest battleground state. Poll shows GOP nominee capturing growing percentage of African-American vote .

WorldNetDaily reports:
GOP nominee Donald Trump is experiencing an eye-popping surge in support among black Americans in Florida – the biggest prize of all the battleground states – according to a new poll.

Trump has attracted the backing of a full 20 percent of black Americans in Florida, a poll by Florida Atlantic University and the Economics Polling Initiative found.

The survey, conducted Aug. 19-22 and released Wednesday, shows Democrat Hillary Clinton winning the support of 68 percent of Florida’s black voters.

Trump took an overall lead in the state, 43 to 41 percent, within the poll’s 2.7 percent margin of error.

While Clinton takes the largest share of African-American voters, Trump’s numbers are noteworthy because Republican candidates have failed to capture more than 13 percent of the black vote in the state in at least 24 year


#StopWhitePeople2K16 training for RAs was named ‘ironically,’ public university says

The College Fix reports:
Diversity official: ‘I don’t see a problem with it’

#StopWhitePeople2K16: It’s just a joke.

That’s the explanation from the State University of New York-Binghamton on how the inflammatory hashtag made it into the name of a training session for resident assistants (RAs).

Advertising itself as the best public college in New York and “ranked among the elite public universities in the country,” SUNY-Binghamton found itself on the defensive this week after its conservative student newspaper published a photo of the Aug. 12 training agenda.

The session titled “#StopWhitePeople2K16” was intended to “help others take the next step in understanding diversity, privilege, and the society we function within,” according to the description.
A modern snapshot of government schools promoting hate. It would be too bad if someone filed a Title 9 complaint for what looks like a threatening and hostile learning environment against white students.

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