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Incorporation: The Bill of Rights & the States

Warren Buffett (Democrat-Hillary Clinton And TARP) Exercising His Right to Remain Silent Over Wells Fargo. What Did Saint Warren Know and When Did He Know It?

One excellent article on sleazy Warren Buffett: one man who doesn't want to play by the rules of free market capitalism. Did Warren Buffett's ties to the Obama regime get greedy government bureaucrats to look the other way?

Polish MP Demands George the ‘Pest’ Soros Is Stripped Of Country’s Highest Honour

Breitbart reports:
The recent deterioration of George Soros’s public image has been astonishing. Following coverage of his subversive operations across the world – including his efforts to destabilise Poland – now even the establishment media have picked up on his destructive activities, with Bloomberg recently covering his plan to marginalise Israel.

Similarly, the list of Soros’s safe havens has also been shrinking dramatically.

Until recently, out of all the EU countries, only his native Hungary had the courage to suggest his carefully crafted image of ‘global philanthropist’ may be a smoke screen. The country’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban pointed out that Soros is acting to destabilise Europe by supporting illegal migrants from the Middle East. Now his hold over Eastern Europe seems to be waning even further with Polish politicians also picking up on his suspicious activity.

Soros has really entrenched himself in Poland over the last three decades, having established the Stefan Batory Foundation (an off shoot of the Open Society Foundation) in Warsaw in 1988, which admittedly initially had some positive input in helping the Polish society out of the Communist sphere of influence.
George Soros sure is one unpopular guy.

Feds To Allow Preferences For Low-Income Applicants In S.F. Housing Complex

NPR reports:
San Francisco officials are claiming victory in a dispute with federal housing officials regarding a city effort to combat gentrification.

The city had aimed to help low-income residents secure preferences when applying for a new senior housing complex; this week the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced it will allow an "anti-displacement" preference for residents living in certain neighborhoods experiencing rapid gentrification.

The ruling means that 40 percent of the 98-unit development — which is partially federally funded — will be set aside for seniors in the Western Addition, Bayview, Russian Hill, Mission and South of Market neighborhoods.

"This is important progress in our efforts to halt the displacement of residents at greatest risk of being forced out of the city they know and love," said Mayor Edwin Lee. "This will thwart the out-migration of African-American and Latino communities who have been deeply impacted by the challenging housing market."
The socialists struggle over central planning.

'Gennifer Flowers accepts Donald Trump's invitation to attend debate.'

It Begins.... Comrade Jerry Brown signs bill allowing people to break into cars to rescue animals from heat

The L.A. Times reports on Comrade Brown:
Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday signed into law a measure allowing Californians to break into and enter vehicles to rescue animals if they appear to be in danger from excessive heat

The bill by Assemblyman Marc Steinorth (R-Rancho Cucamonga), Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles) and others was introduced after a series of incidents in which dogs died after being left in closed cars on hot days.

"We're very excited about the lives this new law will save," Steinorth said in a statement on Facebook Saturday. "Thank you to everyone who helped us raise awareness of this serious issue and showed their support."

Under AB 797, a citizen must first call law enforcement to report a situation in which he or she believes an animal to be in peril.
Don't stop believing.... utilitarianism run amok. The Socialists have other plans for your property.

Fired Wells Fargo employees sue management

The Washington Examiner

Every immigrant without a high school degree will cost taxpayers $640,000.

Ken Burns Civil War: Lincoln Was Greatest President... Although "To Preserve The Constitution , Lincoln For Three Months Gone Beyond It "

Ken Burns' Civil War tells us Lincoln was the greatest President. Even though, he admits Lincoln for three months suspended the U.S. Constitution and was going to have the Chief Justice of the United States arrested . Go to the 1 hour and 7 minute and 43 second marker to hear the comments about Lincoln.

Source: Border agents alerted FBI about Rahami in March 2014

Hispanic Dems 'disappointed' with party's Latino outreach

The Hill

New FBI Dump Exposes Obama! Chaffetz Explodes Over Immunity Deals! Comey Has Big Plans For Clintons!

The New York Times Editorial Board Endorses Clinton Before First Debate. Democrat Party Newspaper Editorial Board has the Morals of Crooked Hillary.

Even before the first debate the New York Times editorial board has endorsed Hillary Clinton. This "in kind " style campaign contribution shows the low morals of their editorial board:
Similarly, Mrs. Clinton’s occasional missteps, combined with attacks on her trustworthiness, have distorted perceptions of her character. She is one of the most tenacious politicians of her generation, whose willingness to study and correct course is rare in an age of unyielding partisanship. As first lady, she rebounded from professional setbacks and personal trials with astounding resilience. Over eight years in the Senate and four as secretary of state, she built a reputation for grit and bipartisan collaboration. She displayed a command of policy and diplomatic nuance and an ability to listen to constituents and colleagues that are all too exceptional in Washington.
Just a reminder: this is the same mindset that got Walter Duranty far at the New York Times.

French Burkini Controversy Was Set-Up By Muslim Activists In Concert With Television Station

Trump threatens to bring Gennifer Flowers to debate

The Hill

Clinton Supporter Mark Cuban Given Front Row Seat to Troll Trump During Presidential Debate

Gateway Pundit

In 2016 Chicago has recorded more murders than New York and Los Angeles combined

Witness describes scene at Washington mall shooting

Tom Hanks Says Clint Eastwood Treats Actors Like Horses

Harvard University manages its $36B endowment with a staff of 200+ investment experts who can’t beat the market

Don Surber: I noticed a few things about the people who call me a Nazi

Don Surber reports:
I have noticed a few things about those who call me Nazi.

The people who call me Nazi had no problem with the Internal Revenue Service abusing its power in dealing with the Tea Party.

The people who call me Nazi have no problem with threats and attacks on Trump supporters.

The people who call me Nazi blame Trump's rhetoric for these assaults.

The people who call me Nazi believe only straight, white, Christian males may back Trump.

The people who call me Nazi believe any of his supporters who are gay, non-white, non-Christian or female are apostates who deserve special punishment.

The people who call me Nazi believe only one voice should be heard on campus.

The people who call me Nazi want to dictate what is allowed to be published in the newspapers.

The people who call me Nazi pressure Twitter, Google, Facebook, and other corporations to impose sanctions on Trump supporters.

The people who call me Nazi like to dictate what America is.

The people who call me Nazi also call me un-American for wanting to control immigration into our country.

The people who call me Nazi believe freedom of religion applies to atheists and adherents of any religion except Judaism and Christianity.

The people who call me Nazi includes Jews who hate Israel and do not practice their religion.

I have come to the conclusion that if Adolf Hitler were alive today, he would be calling his adversaries Nazis.
A lot of wisdom from the great Don Surber.

How the Big New York Banks Sold the Federal Reserve to Congress. It took 17 years.

Gary North

Got a Yahoo email account? Here are 3 things you need to do now


Hillary Clinton Proposes 65% Top Rate for Estate Tax.

The Wall Street Journal

Fed wants to put new limits on banks' commodities activities


White House says Obama objects to campaign-donation measure in spending bill

The Washington Times reports:
The White House warned Friday that President Obama might not sign a spending bill to keep the government running beyond next week unless Congress changes current law and requires corporations to disclose campaign donations.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Mr. Obama is concerned the spending bill renews language that “would essentially protect the ability of special interests to funnel money into political campaigns without having to disclose it.”

“I don’t really know what a proposal like that is doing in a budget bill,” he said. “It sounds to me like Republicans in Congress have more work to do to make sure the government doesn’t shut down a week from now.”

The measure on corporation campaign spending is already law; it was included in the spending bill for the current fiscal year that was approved by the president. Mr. Obama and Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada are pushing to strip it from the new spending bill.

Mr. Earnest said he spoke to Mr. Obama early Friday afternoon, and “it’s not at all clear to me that he is prepared to sign this bill.” He didn’t mention the word “veto” in describing the president’s objections.
The Obama regime's war on free speech. Imagine if Google , Apple , Facebook, Twitter, , Amazon/Washington Post, HBO, Disney, NBC News, MSNBC, ABC News, and CBS News had to "disclose" all "in kind contributions" they give to Democrats in propaganda.

North Carolina high school teacher made her students compare speeches by Hitler and Trump, say outraged parents

The Daily Mail

A decline of heart disease since the 1960s is starting to fade. Researchers say the obesity epidemic is to blame.

In 1972 a man with a degree aged 25-34 earned 22% more than a man without. Today, it's 70%.

Five Everyday Activities That Hurt Your Memory

Fast Company

Florida Shocker: Republicans Winning By 120,000 Votes In Early Voting. #Trump the FIRST Republican EVER to win early votes in FL! #TrumpPence16.

Here's the link to the Florida division of elections.

Trump an 'embarrassment' Springsteen tells Sweden

The Local reports on multi-millionaire singer who's not embarrassed by Hillary Clinton.

Four Dead in Shooting at Mall North of Seattle. The Hispanic suspect was still at large, authorities said

The Wall Street Journal reports:
A young man with a rifle walked into a Macy’s department store in Washington state Friday night, shot and killed four women, injured one man, and walked away.

The shooting at the crowded Cascade Mall, about 65 miles north of Seattle, sent shoppers pouring out into the parking lot and sparked a massive manhunt.

Hours later, the police were still searching for the suspected shooter, described as a Hispanic man, and wearing gray.

In the early chaos, police at first said there were four dead, then revised that number to three dead and two injured.
Another incident where Episcopalian girls from Greenwich Conn. don't seem to be involved.

REVEALED: The heartbreaking texts and letter which allegedly detail how Jim Carrey infected tragic lover with THREE STDs, tried to deny it, then labelled her a 'whore' and 'ungrateful b****' before she took her life

The Daily Mail reports:
Jim Carey not only allegedly gave his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White three STDs according to a revised court filing in the wrongful death suit being brought against the actor, but is also being accused of dumping her rather than admit the truth.

White's estranged husband Mark Burton claims in his lawsuit that Carrey broke up with White just hours after she informed him she would be going in for a sexually transmitted disease test - and has included texts between the two as evidence.

No word yet on whether Jim Carrey will refer to his ex-girl friend as a corporate fascist.

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